Know the business of health care

Gain the basic knowledge needed to pursue a career in health care management.

Explore health care’s set-up, economic factors and legal and ethical aspects. Have insight on processes and workplace structure.

Work in places like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and more.

Choose your minor

Contact the Academic Advising and Transfer Center to declare a minor in health care management.

Health Care Management

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  1. HCM 301(3), HCM 303(3); HCM 504(3) or ECO 504(3); ECO 165(3) or AGB 144(4); MGT 345(3) or IPE 378(3).
  2. Six hours from: ACC 201(3), IPE 376(3), IPE 377(3), IPE 379(3), IPE 382(3), MGT 340(3), MGT 341(3), MKT 350(3), NUR 515(3), SOC 341(3) for a total of no fewer than 21 hours.