Health Promotion and Wellness Management Graduate Program

The Bear Pantry in the Center for Community Engagement.

Lead healthy living habits

Turn your passion for health and wellness into a career.

Be a difference-maker in healthy living, for one person or many. Plan, install and oversee health and wellness programs or projects.

This master's degree helps you become certified as a leader in a growing industry.

Why earn a master’s degree in health promotion and wellness management?

Northwest Project program manager and Kinesiology graduate Kristina Wilmoth.
Magers offered flu shots at Plaster Student Union.

Enter a strong job field

Graduate knowing your services are in demand. Health educators and community health workers have a rising job outlook.

Latifah Alayyaf in the PSU at a booth.

Make professional connections

Connect with current health professionals and companies. You can get involved with research, internships and community activities as you complete your degree.

Student on campus during finals week.

Be versatile

Your courses are interdisciplinary. That means you’ll learn about a lot of different areas: psychology, health and physical education, management/organization and more. It helps you become a well-rounded professional.

Missouri State students doing volunteer work for families in need.
Careers and outcomes

Explore your potential careers paths

This master’s degree helps you improve community health in the public or private sector. You’ll blend science and clinical knowledge with managerial skills.