Prior Learning Assessment

For students admitted to the Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics (MSND) program who are already Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs), prior learning assessment may be used to grant course credit for the following courses:

  • DTN 740 (Medical Nutrition Therapy I Practicum)
  • DTN 741 (Medical Nutrition Therapy II Practicum)
  • DTN 742 (Population Health Nutrition Practicum)
  • DTN 743 (Foodservice Management Practicum)

These courses are three (3) credit hours each, which totals 12 credit hours of the 42-credit hour degree program. This is nearly 30% of your required credit hours.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) mechanism

If you're an RDN who completed your Dietetic Internship practicum courses in a Bachelor of Science and Dietetic Internship coordinated program, then these practicum courses numbers were below the 600-level as they were part of an undergraduate degree program.

PLA will be granted for DTN 740, DTN 741, DTN 742 and DTN 743 once your submit your Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) Professional Development Portfolio (PDP) logs to the MSND Program Director.

RDNs must complete 75 continuing professional education units (CPEUs) every five years to demonstrate currency in the field of nutrition and dietetics. All logs since the time of becoming credentialed must be submitted for review.

PLA is granted by the MSND Program Director in the Biomedical Sciences Department.

No assessment fee will be charged for reviewing PLA.

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