Professional Organizations and Associations

Connecting and collaborating with professionals

Professional organizations and associations within the field of public health help you stay informed on issues and trends in the field, communicate with other practitioners and continue your education beyond graduation. These organizations promote and facilitate collaboration among professionals at various agencies to address today’s toughest health issues.

Professional organizations are collections of practitioners, organizations and agencies committed to the support, development and enhancement of the public health profession. As a public health student, many of these associations offer a student membership that provides you with access to all the benefits of the organization at a reduced rate. Continuing your membership in these organizations beyond graduation is important because the publications, meetings and additional resources provided by these organizations will help you continue to hone your skills.

Public health organizations

Listed below are some of the professional organizations and associations in the public health field that offer memberships:

Important websites

Listed below are several websites for important organizations and resources that do not offer memberships to belong: