Accelerated Master's Degree Option

Why choose an accelerated option?

It shortens the time to earn your master’s degree. Earn graduate credit as you complete your bachelor’s degree.

How it works

Apply for the accelerated option during your junior or senior year.

If you meet admission requirements, up to 12 credit hours will count toward your bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Contact the MPH program director to discuss admission requirements for the accelerated master’s option.

Scheduling requirements

Before you enroll in a course for both undergraduate and graduate credit, you must receive approval from:

You can do this by using a mixed credit form (.pdf). Work with your advisor to complete the form.

You must receive all approvals before the end of the Change of Schedule period for the course(s).

​​​​​​​Retention and Readmission to the Program

Admission to the MPH program is through a competitive admissions process with only a limited number of students admitted each year.  Students who leave the program will be required to apply for readmission. Applications for readmission will be reviewed by the MPH admission, progression and graduate (APG) committee. Previous enrollment does not guarantee readmission.  The student’s readmission will depend on where the student places in the competitive enrollment process.

All students must enroll in at least one credit hour each fall and spring semesters until graduation to remain in the MPH program.  International students must comply with program and International Services policies.  Students who do not meet minimum requirements will be dropped from the program and will have to reapply to the MPH APG committee for permission to return to the program. Students have a maximum of eight years to complete the program.  Students who exceed this time period must seek an extension through the APG. All other retention policies are defined by the Graduate College.