Admission Requirements

Your first steps

  1. Become a Bear: Apply to Missouri State.
  2. Before completing 60 credit hours, contact the Academic Advising and Transfer Center to declare or change your major to sports medicine.

Application resources

Interested in the pre-athletic training pathway? Please let us know by completing the interest form.

Sports Medicine (Comprehensive)

Bachelor of Science

The comprehensive major in Sports Medicine is designed to:

  • Provide future healthcare providers with a strong foundation of basic science knowledge and experiential understanding of healthcare.
  • Provide a foundation for those who wish to progress into professional healthcare programs or the workforce.
  • Provide a pathway for early admission into the Master of Athletic Training (MATC) program.

Two pathways are available to students (pre-athletic training and traditional).

Pre-Athletic Training Pathway (Pre-AT)

The Pre-AT pathway positions students to be eligible to apply for admission to the MATC program and to begin taking graduate courses after completion of as few as three years as an undergraduate student. Students will be able to earn both their BS degree in Sports Medicine and their MATC degree in as few as five years. Graduate courses completed in the first year of the MATC program will count toward completion of the BS degree requirements. Students in this pathway must satisfy all general baccalaureate degree requirements for the BS degree.

Students interested in the Pre-AT pathway must officially declare the major, complete the Pre-AT interest form, and work with their program advisor to successfully complete the required course sequencing to meet MATC admission requirements.

Traditional Pathway

The traditional pathway allows students to explore various sports medicine and health care fields while completing a basic science education paired with specific prerequisite courses for professional healthcare programs. This pathway is structured as the traditional four-year program to allow for meeting university graduation requirements.

Students interested in the traditional pathway must officially declare the major and meet with a college or program advisor to review career goals.  Students in the traditional pathway are encouraged to take the same course sequencing as the Pre-AT pathway for the first three years. Students will use the fourth year of the program to complete courses designed to address remaining university graduation requirements, to pursue their career interests and/or to strengthen their application to the MATC upon completion of the bachelor’s degree.

Program requirements

Students selected for the program must complete all required coursework and clinical requirements. Those requirements include the following:

Major Requirements (64 hours):

  1. Specific General Education Requirements:
    1. BIO 121(4) or BMS 110(3) and BMS 111(1).
    2. CHM 116(4) and 117(1) or both CHM 160(4) and CHM 161.
    3. MTH 136 or a higher numbered mathematics course listed in the Quantitative Literacy requirement of general education.
    4. PSY 121(3).
    5. PHY 123(4).
  2. Related requirements: DTN 240(3); DTN 334(3) or DTN 430(3); BMS 307(4), 308(4), 567(4); IPE 381(3) or equivalent.
  3. Two of the following: IPE 375(3), IPE 576(3); HCM 301(3), HCM 303(3).
  4. Sports Medicine requirements: ATC 220(1), 221(2), 222(2), 225(4), 332(2), 413(3), 444(4).
  5. Public Affairs Capstone Experience will be fulfilled by completion of ATC 413(3).

University level requirements:

General Education Program and Requirements

General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements