Rural Health Concentration

In the rural health concentration, you design and implement a program that will help people in rural communities.

You work with an approved community site to develop a program using the resources available to you. This strengthens your communication and leadership skills.

You will help members of a community with limited resources better understand nutrition and food value.

In this concentration, you will:

  • Enhance dietetic practice skills and awareness in rural communities.
  • Develop a great understanding for rural cultural competence.
  • Provide awareness of resources including local, county, state, and federal to provide relevant information to improve rural health.

Preparing for your practicum

You will locate your own supervised practice site and preceptors for this five-week individualized practicum emphasizing rural health or public affairs.

You will compose three practicum proposals in the first semester of the program that provide a practicum description and schedule.

The program director, faculty, and preceptors all support you in this process to assist you in creating a meaningful learning experience. 

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